Farmhouse Project 2015

nutiantsIdea take an old farmhouse part of
Govan’s Common Good Fund, and turn it into an independent community resource centre.
Use the entire process from planning to build to use as an learning project including as many of the community as possible.

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General Common Good links can be found on the left. Participatory Action Research on the right (Site still in development stage)

There are 5 sections here that will help folk to navigate a way to understanding what the Common Good is, how important it is to us, what is happening to it and why it is in our interest and future generations interests to look after it.

• HOME The section you are on will explain what the common good is.

ACTIVITY will give you an idea of what is already happening and what is being planed.
PRESS and AUDIO will cover news and views in audio, video – What is happening in different places and where we can find inspiration – through the experience of other communities and people.
WORKSHOPS is where we will try things out and play with ideas and activities to get folk interested.